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2017 #METAseries: Film Screening - Breathe in the Roots

A very special screening of Breathe in the Roots, a documentary produced and directed by Ethiopian artist, writer, photographer, Indrias Kassaye, presented by CADA Conversations and the OLCDC.

Breathe in the Roots tells the story of Ty Christen Joseph, a young African American English teacher from Brooklyn, who goes on a spiritual journey of discovery by horseback after coming to Ethiopia, in part to discover more about his African ancestral heritage. The film tracks Chris's journey from Addis Ababa to Lalibela, one of Ethiopia's holiest pilgrimage sites, on horseback, documenting his once in a lifetime experiences and highlighting a side of Ethiopia many rarely get to experience.

2017 #METAseries: Afro-Luminosity

The first 2017 #METAseries exhibition, Afro-Luminosity, presented by OLCDC in conjunction with curator Ludlow Bailey and CADA Conversations

In both the ancient and modern worlds, Africans have always had a unique way of expressing their creative genius in the visual and performing arts. As the first humans, the people of "Black Africa" have made indisputable, significant contributions to the development of humanity and the structural formulation of knowledge within the humanities. The atrocities of slavery, colonialism, and racism have diminished the confidence of many, but the genius of black culture underpins the enormous ability to survive the odds.

The tides are changing. The ancestral force of Afro-Luminosity is unstoppable. Contemporary Africana culture in dance, music, film and visual arts is driving a rebirth in the unique creativity of black people throughout the Diaspora. The contemporary visual art productions of Africans globally are rising in quality, value, and demand.

What is Afro-Luminosity?

Afro-Luminosity is an energy field that is generated by the cultural expression of African people, a kind of cultural, spiritual, and artistic expression that captures the soul and quintessence of black creative genius. My experience as a curator of Contemporary African Diaspora Art and Culture has taught me that many artists of Africa and African descendants have "Tumbao," an expression used by Afro-Puerto Ricans to refer an indescribable sexiness or swing.

In visual arts, this expression is exemplified by the work of David Hammons, Julie Mehretu, El Anatsui, Sam Gilliam, Wifredo Lam, Jean Michel Basquiat, Frank Bowling, Kerry James Marshall and Carrie Mae Weems. It is often manifested in the music and visual cultural expression of Africans in the Diaspora. It is the creative genius of black people globally. While difficult to capture in words, this unique exhibit will present visual ideas that highlight Afro-Luminosity in contemporary black visual creative culture.

This exhibition presents the work of seven artists from the African Diaspora whose work in many ways expresses some level of Afro-Luminosity:

Saddi Khali is an African-American photographer whose work focuses on black portraiture and the mesmerizing beauty of the black body.

Bayunga Kialeuka is a Brussels/Miami-based artist whose figurative and abstract expressionist works capture the magic and beauty of urban and inner city black social life.

Kandy Lopez is a South Florida-based Afro-Dominican artist known for her soulful, swag portraits documenting the "tumbao" of black people in the U.S. She received her MFA with a concentration in Painting from Florida Atlantic University and is an Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University.

Indrias Getachew is an Ethiopian photographer whose work focuses on contemporary and ancient Ethiopian culture.

Doba Afolabi is a New York-based Nigerian artist. His figurative abstractions draw on themes from Yoruba and West African contemporary culture.

Glen Logan is a Miami-based artist from Trinidad. He attended Boston University and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Painting and Art History.

Dr. Michael Hudson is a Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Florida Memorial University. He also is a prolific painter, photographer, and video artist whose work is influenced by the mythological concept that art should act to awaken hidden truths in both the artist and the viewer.

--Ludlow Bailey

Inside|Out in Opa-locka

In Spring 2017, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) kicked off its second year of Inside|Out, which brings high-quality reproductions of art from the Museum's permanent collection to the community. OLCDC hosts Inside|Out in Opa-locka.


The ARC (Arts & Recreation Center) opened in November 2014 to house the "In Plain Sight" exhibition as part of the Art of Transformation series. Formerly a roofing company building, the interior space was retrofitted for the exhibition in the fall, and the outside was given a new look by Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Olalaken Jeyifous. Jeyifous designed a colorful mural that draws upon Opa-locka's Moorish themes, the OLCDC's new logo, and the community.

In 2015, part of the interior space was renovated as two floors of office and studio space for OLCDC's creative staff and potential resident artists, while the remaining space is open for creative, multi-purpose opportunities such as exhibitions and community events.

OLCDC also acquired a lot adjacent to The ARC to increase the size of its upcoming ARCoponics project--an outdoor urban farm and aquaponics lab to provide economic, education, and health opportunities for Opa-locka residents.

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The ARC is a multi-functional warehouse space for educational, entrepreneurial and creative programming in Opa-locka's Downtown District, with 2,500 square feet of gallery and 3,500 square feet of outdoor courtyard space available for rental to the community.

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To reserve The ARC for your next event, please contact Aileen Alon, Director of Arts & Creative Industry, at (305) 687-3545, aileen@olcdc.org.